November Food & Drink

When November rolls around I am ready to pull out my alter ego – Betty Crocker – and get to work.  Anyone else?  I adore holiday hosting but I do not get the chance to do that often so I try new recipes on my family in November.  This year I have the chance to create a few dishes for some events we are attending over the next few weeks.

The Chicken Stew

This coming weekend is our friends Josh & Heather’s annual chicken stew.  Josh makes an incredible stew and we look forward to this event each year.  There is always a table of food at this event but I have never made anything to place on that table.  This year I’m toying with a couple of recipes to whip up and share.

Of course I’m sharing via Pinterest.

I noticed that the projected temperature for the chicken stew is <55 degrees, factor in that the sun will be down and we have cold weather!  One dessert that I find to be good cold or warmed up is pecan pie.  I think these bars would be simply perfect – and they go down very well with a couple of fingers of bourbon.  That is true Southern eating and drinking.

The Play Date

I am not sure this will even be happening but I am working hard to try to fit one into a busy calendar!  Have you ever noticed how much kids of a certain age (think seven to ten years) really enjoy cooking or at least have an interest?  When my daughter had her slumber party for her ninth birthday one of her friends wanted to be in the kitchen with me.  She was a huge help as we cooked for the taco bar and set it up.  She also wanted to help with snacks and breakfast!  I was looking for a fun meal that the kids could make on their own (with my supervision) together that would be fun.

Crispy and cheesy, this easy potato chip chicken recipe is not only delicious but also fun to cook with your kids.:
Via Pinterest

Potato Chip Chicken was created by a twelve-year-old so obviously this is a good option for kids who want to cook.  It may not be on my personal diet but for the kids I will let it slide.



As I have shared before our Thanksgiving is spent in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  We go out for the traditional Thanksgiving meal and then venture up to Greene Tree Farm for our fresh North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas Tree.  If you have not had a North Carolina Christmas Tree then you need to get one this year!  We are the second leading producer of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees in the nation.

Oops I got a bit off topic!  This year we will be gathering the Sunday before Thanksgiving at my mom’s for a dinner of thanks and family.  With the passing of my grandma on October 4th it just seems more necessary to gather for this family centered holiday.  We have a typical Southern spread at our meals – turkey and dressing, green beans with corn mixed in, potato salad (Oh Aunt Sue…you make it so well!), deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese (not boxed). Oh and bread!  I also like a few other side dishes with my Thanksgiving meal because growing up the true cook of the family, my Mammaw Nancie, made them.  They include collard greens and sweet potato casserole.  Honestly, friends, I could just make a meal out of collard greens and sweet potato casserole and be super happy.

Via Peasandcarrots.com

This year I’m keeping close to my low carb, no carb so greens are definitely on my food list.  However, I will finally take a stab at the mashed potatoes er cauliflower.  I also found this recipe, Honey Roasted Butternut Squash (16 carbs in one cup) with cranberries and feta cheese.


Lucky for me Cabernet is always a good choice and even better in November!  The temperatures have dropped making my favorite wine taste so much better (how is that possible, right?)

Via Cupcake Vineyards

I also love Cupcake Black Forest Decadent Red wine this time of year.  The taste is fabulous for a mass-produced wine.  This wine would be a nice addition to the Thanksgiving table.

Image result for jim beam black label extra aged
Via jimbeam.com

Sitting by a fire in the cool air is a great time for Cabernet too (try Apothic) but it is also the perfect setting for sipping a little bourbon and water.  Try Jim Beam Black Double Aged bourbon.  If you need to mix it remember Jack and Jim both love to mingle with Coca-Cola.

And for the play date?  Flavored water.  Try sparkling to make the kids feel “fancy”!

What are you whipping up this month?  And what are you sipping on?




5 thoughts on “November Food & Drink”

  1. Chicken Stew sounds scrumptious as does the BN Squash, I have a squash soup recipe coming up next week. About a Decade ago, when the boys were in elementary, I taught an enrichment class at the school called cooking is fun. It targeted third through fifth graders and I did it for four years and it was a blast. I loved how eager they were to help. Ah, the Fraser Fir, to have one from your neck of the woods would be divine! We have a FF farm not far from my house and that’s always the one we get, however running away from tradition this year and we just purchased an artificial Fraser fir. I know! I have mixed feelings about it but with my two college boys, it just made more sense for us but I sure am going to miss going and picking out the tree of my dreams every year. Happy Tuesday sugar!!


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