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Can I just start off this post saying – THANK YOU!  You have made this first week of Cardio, Cabernet, and a Keyboard so immensely fabulous!  I cannot begin to count the emails, texts, Snaps (abullnojoke), and comments that have rolled in with encouragement and support and just plain out love.  Thank you so much!

This week on the blog you learned a little about me including…

*Why November is my most favorite month

*Things I’m finding a bit weird

*A little tiny passion of mine that has a lot to do with trips to my neighbor’s place and also to Lowes Home Improvement

Check those out if you have a some free time or if procrastination is your thing!

I have a few high lights from this first week of November I want to share.

Left – My mom with the kiddos.  You’ll read more about her in a bit.  Right – The other amazing woman in our lives Aunt Sue with the kiddos.

Halloween was fun.  We enjoyed time at Meredith & Adam’s house and also scored too much candy.  (Which I have conveniently gotten rid of!)

We all have a little Bob Ross deep down – afro and all. Happy trees.

Tuesday night my mom and I got our paint on.  She invited me to go with her to a painting class.  It was a sip and paint minus the sip (insert major sad face).  These are a favorite of mine to attend and I was super excited to go.  Though there were many true artists there; I am pleased with my masterpiece.

Week three of Combat class went great.  My leg is doing so much better. If and when I can get the shoes I need I think I’ll be super good to go!

I made that for $8.50 – I love an 80% off sale.

Check this wreath out I made yesterday.  I love that retail thinks Thanksgiving is nothing important and lumps it with Halloween to discount it at the start of November.  Way to go guys!

And finally some more gratitude!


Today is November 4th and that means it is my mom’s birthday.  My mom means a lot to me and I know that is super cliché.  Seriously, she is a solid rock in the life of my own self, my husband, and our kids.  She and her husband do so much for us including letting us live with them or 17 weeks in 2014, taking the kids when I need a time out, and just being a positive force in our lives.  Believe it or not I’m not very good at expressing love and all that ooey gooey stuff in person (see, you keep learning stuff about me this week!) so I have to let the keyboard let those types of emotions out.  I love my mom to death and appreciate her so much.  Here’s to many more birthdays that are healthy and happy.

So there you have it!

Last weekend in Durham.

This is a big weekend here – two birthdays and maybe a few plans here and there.  I do know my beautiful and wonderful Taylor is coming over to watch the kiddos this weekend so I will be trading the Cabernet for Vodka Tonic.

Time to party!



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9 thoughts on “Friday-yayayay”

  1. Hello Birthday girl(s) in da house!!!!!!! Whoop, vodka tonic, amen!! I LOVE your wreath crafty sista!!! I’ll be thinking of you and your sweet mama this weekend!! I am sick this week but got to med it up to take my sweet mama out tomorrow night and watch our Team get a “w” tonight. I will make sure you say a toast to my sweet Carolina friend, May 35 be grand and beautiful just like YOU!!!!!

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