It’s A Buffet!




We all have our hobbies and today I am sharing one of my BIG ones with you.  Grab a cup of coffee and a give me a few minutes to share with you a slight obsession I have – furniture overhauling!

A few things I really enjoy besides cardio, drinking my cab, and typing away on this keyboard are painting and designing new things for my home.  I’m not into modern design or art so my style is not very contemporary or modern but best described as highly Amanda.

Painting is something that really puts me at peace.  Let me rephrase that as you could take it entirely wrong – painting anything but walls – can put me at peace!  When it comes to painting my home I check out but when it comes to canvas, furniture, pumpkins, dishware, etc then sign me right up!  I am also a furniture junkie – I LOVE furniture so much I have to keep my distance from second-hand sales where I find the furniture I love a little too much.

Over the course of the past three years I have worked on five pieces for our home.  Our end tables in my living room were my first little trial run.  I did pattern painting on them and they were great for a few months…that is until I decided I hated them.  Luckily, my children ruined them so I could take the out and once again overhaul them to match our new living room in the fall of 2014.

In 2015, after a major event occurred in our home, I knew new furniture was out of the question for our bedroom so once again I overhauled two pieces – our night stands.  These guys were clunky, 1970’s, celebrating the Revolution style furniture.  Ugh they were beastly and looking at them created migraines for this girl.  So on a whim I pulled out my sanders, removed the hardware, and got to work.

Six hours later I had two night stands I was incredibly proud of.


Back in August my husband and I started toying with the idea of bringing in another piece of furniture to our bedroom.  A little back story – our home was a work of love that spanned 1937-1939 by my great-grandfather.  The house is a one and a half story early century compartmentalized home.  Originally the structure had one bathroom, three bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a living room, with a screened in back porch.  The home had a hand dug basement nestled underneath the house that spanned the entire size of the home.  Surprisingly, the basement was cemented and consisted of three rooms – an entry, a cellar storage room with sink, and the large storage portion of the basement.

A nice basement has always been of utmost value even in 1939.  However, storage space in the main dwelling was still deemed wasteful.  This is where the tie in is for this post – we have no true closet in our bedroom.  Therefore, we need storage!

In 2014 our house literally fell.  The basement gave in and the house was resting on two walls and ready to crumble at any minute.  So to add to the misery – our storage area, the basement, was gone.  Around this time of year in ’14 we had the house picked up and moved 75 yards to the north on our property.  The house was 90% gutted and it became our “new” old house.

We made a few tweaks here and there to the floor plan and created a closet of sorts for our master bedroom but it just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

The lightbulb went off in my head in August to get a buffet to serve as storage for the clothes that do not need to be hangers.  I like buffets for many reasons and would take one in every room of my home if I could do it!  My preference is for the smaller more streamlined and less ornamental design.  It took two months but we finally located one in the best possible location…our next door neighbor!

No, I didn’t go into someone’s home and say, “That, I want it!”  Our neighbor happens to be Snoring Horses Vintage & Antique.  This fabulous store is open two days a week and happens to call my great grandfather’s old general store home.  I have never had a better neighbor.  There’s a lovely couch in there with coffee in the back room (hello relaxation!) and there are also a thousand things I want to snatch right up.  Maybe our wallets aren’t fans of the neighbors but the husband and I sure are!


A couple of weeks back my husband purchased a buffet/hutch combo.  I fell in love with it and took a trip to our local Lowe’s Home Improvement.  My goal was to make our new buffet match the night stands I had completed in 2015.

Luckily, I remembered the paint color I had fallen in love with last year so that made the most difficult part of the process easier.  Mont Peiler Ashlar Gray is the color and it can be found with the Valspar samples.


I found the corresponding pulls and knobs that I had used a year before as well.  (Two major scores!)

One Saturday afternoon is all I needed to complete our new buffet!


I was highly delighted at how I made this piece match up to the night stands.  It went in my favor that the buffet had been black (the night stands had been mahogany) so the paint was able to let equal amounts of darker shades bleed through.  A little “scuffing” here and there with my sanding blog and viola!

To say I am a bit excited about how this piece came together as well as the furniture in the room is a total and complete understatement!



Project Details:  

Buffet & Hutch $87.00  (Snoring Horses Vintage & Antique)

Paint $13.00 Mt. Pieler Ashlar Grey (Valspar)

Knobs & Pulls $18.00  (Lowes Home Improvement)

Total:  $118.00  (YAY!)

Do you have a stress reliever that is also taps into your creative side?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!







10 thoughts on “It’s A Buffet!”

  1. LOVE! I am a junk gypsy! If I can find it and paint it I am in love 🙂 I LOVED this post because this is what I love doing as well. I also love valspar paint. Have you tried their crackle paint? That stuff is awesome too!


  2. You did a great job! I loved hearing a little back story of your home, too!
    I agree, I love painting and find it relaxing…EXCEPT walls. I don’t enjoy that at all either.
    I would be in trouble with that fabulous shop next door….

    Liked by 1 person

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