Can you say you are passionate over a certain month during the year?  I can.  My passion for November comes from years of change during this month and also identifying that there is a certain pefall-970336_1920ace that comes within its thirty days.

November starts off immediately after my second favorite month of the year – October.  Maybe that is part of the reason I love November so much?  October brings blazing colors and changes that make me cringe but also seep bits of joy into my life.  I live for summer – it is my season but October and November are my months.

My mother kicks off this month of happiness for me.  Her birthday is the fourth.  I was her belated birthday present with my birthday promptly following her’s on the sixth.  Growing up that meant double the cake and double the delicious meals at either my Mammaw Nancie’s house or out at a restaurant we favored that year.

I am a birthday celebrator!  Yes, celebrate yourself all week or even all month – go for it!  Another birthday is an immense gift and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

November is a rich historical month and I love history.  I actually could teach history if I would go sit for the Praxis in it.  A girl with a Bachelor’s of Science has more history credits than anything else – try to figure that one out!  Once upon a time elections were interesting to me these days I’m just thrilled they will be over and my regularly scheduled television will not be interrupted by dog and pony shows debates.  Finally, commercials about anti aging serum (or sunscreen call it what you will) instead of mudslinging thirty-second hoopla!

Though I’m not a fan of snow, per say, I can remember November flurries here in my little world of chaotic winter weather.  There’s something nice about being on the cusp of all the holidays and enjoying calmness before the storm of shopping, making, and stressing when the rain gives way to white flakes that disappear once they hit the earth.

November reminds us of simple-ness and kindness.  It tells us to stop – for a minimum of 25 days and count our blessings.  A huge reminder on the eleventh when we honor those men and women, still among us, who fought for this country.  I may question war but I will not question those who stand up in my defense.  Their sacrifice is breath-taking.  That is why I will never understand why someone would take a knee when the Star Spangled Banner plays and the servicemen and women are in their presence.  I was raised to respect the ones who risk their lives for this country no matter what is going on in a city between Virginia and Maryland.


Thanksgiving.  Just the word conjures up emotions that make me smile and at the same time make me close my eyes and pull it together.  This is my favorite holiday of them all.  The day I sit at a table with my husband, daughter, and son and am reminded that I didn’t deserve any of them but was graced by being gifted them in my life.

November brings so much to my table.  It brings family and community closer, cute clothes out of the closet, and memories that you forget you had come bubbling up.

I’m so glad it is here again.




8 thoughts on “November”

  1. Amanda, I love this post because I love November too! This is one of my favorite times of the year…January comes and then I am ready for summer. Hahaha! But really, I LOVE this month and all that it offers from Thanksgiving to (gasp) the election and seeing and feeling the holiday spirit. Have a wonderful day!


  2. I think that is my fave thing about November….thankful all year but sometimes we just need a whole month to really soak it up and focus and prepare for the holidays with a softer heart.


  3. Well, my mama is smack dab in between you too on the 5th. Mr. and I are taking her Saturday to a swanky restaurant, ya know, the special occasion one, lol!! I love the simple-ness of November too and with the Holidays approaching, most people seem to expel a little more kindness!! Love ya sugar!!


  4. I love how beautiful this place is! And this post! This is such a good month or preparation for December and a time to be nice and give thanks. Happy early birthday to you and to your sweet momma!

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