Cheers! Wine for This Weekend


Hello you beautiful Saturday celebrators.  I am currently sitting in the stands of the NCSU Homecoming game (thanks to Adam H.) and probably not sipping my beloved cabernet but an NCAA acceptable beverage for no less than $10.

You can believe after the game I will be heading to the store to pick up a bottle of adult grape juice!

This weekend I wanted to give you a recommendation on a wine to try out!  I picked this one in honor of my not-quite-stepmother’s birthday which was yesterday.


Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon is a delicious wine filled with hints of oak, dark chocolate, and tart cherry.  Let’s not fail to mention a hint of espresso in the flavor!  Espresso plus wine is the winning combination.  It is a dry wine so you will enjoy each sip after sip after sip.  Speaking of sip that is what this is for.  Stop at two glasses so you aren’t feeling like a dark horse trampled you.

This wine is available locally at Food Lion grocery stores, Target, check out Total Wine online to locate it near you!




8 thoughts on “Cheers! Wine for This Weekend”

  1. I love Dark Horse! I ordered it at Texas Roadhouse recently and the server said, “every time someone orders that I think of Katy Perry!” And, now, I think about Katy Perry every time I see it now!! 🙂
    Have fun at the game!


  2. Love that wine glass, and wish, feverishly that I lived in a state where you could just head to Target & buy wine, because really that would make them a one stop shop in my mind. But we have quite the set of rules up here in PA. 😦


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