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Sharing one of my favorite photos I have taken – Asheville 2015 my 34th birthday trip.

Hello friends!  I am ending October and kicking off November 2016, my thirty-fifth birthday, and a new blog all today.  To say I am delighted you have dropped by is an understatement.

In case you are wondering who I am – it is Amanda from what was A Brownie World and what is now my very own Cardio, Cabernet, & A Keyboard!

Why the changes?  That’s what I say to myself every day when I look in the mirror, ha!  No, friends, really I am ready to up my game if you will.  A Brownie World served me very well for four beautiful years.  I met so many fabulous women and made incredible friends who I pray will come on over here and love on me still!  But to be honest, I’m at a new place in my story and I felt it was time for a change on the blog front.

Let’s go ahead and get this out-of-the-way – yes, coffee should be in my new blog name!  There are so many C’s that are prominent in my life.  Obviously coffee is the medicine that keeps me trucking.  But when I get down to the nitty-gritty of it all cardio is my passion (you know my love for working out and running) and my release of tension and stress; Cabernet is the fun and laughter with my husband and friends, and the keyboard is for all the words that take the moments of motherhood, wife-hood, sisterhood, and being a human that make me who I am as a whole person.

What’s to be expected of this blog?  I can promise it won’t be quite as quirky as A Brownie World was.  This new home is my adventure and more focus on my passions.  You will see a different side of me – the girl who showcases the things that make her smile from refinishing furniture to entertaining to kids who cannot make an “s” sound and when they say suckers you cringe.  My little blog is going to high light what I deem as the lost decade of our lives – the thirties.  I will elaborate on this more in coming posts.  There is so much happening from 30-40 that tends to be hidden or not mentioned or dare I say just not popular.  This blog will be a better version of a better woman, wife, mother, football fan, and someone who is living her days with more smiles…and smile lines.

I am so so glad you came by.  Please visit me again!



P.S. I’m starting this today, October 28th so I could still link up with my favorites – Katie, Christina, & Andrea!

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